14m cruising power catamaran

Efficiency –  The hulls on a catamaran are finer (thinner) than those of a monohull and provide far less resistance travelling through the water. Powercats accelerate smoothly with no hump to get onto the plane, meaning it is possible to travel at any speed to suit conditions and maintain fuel economy.

Comfort –  Powercats provide an exceptionally soft ride; fine bows cut into the waves and the unique hull shape gently lifts the boat, enhancing the air cushion effect between the hulls. This prevents bone-jarring slamming and mitigates the effects of Whole Body Vibration.

Safety – With quick-draining decks, built-in buoyancy and sturdy construction Powercats can tackle conditions that have other boats heading for home. A twin engine installation provides plenty of power in reserve and, with fully independent electric and fuel systems, serious get-you-home capabilities.

Stability – The twin-hull buoyancy is situated at the sides of the boat, which means there is little lateral rolling movement, even with the sea on the beam, and passengers can move around the boat without it heeling over. Size for size, Powercats offer more usable deck space for passengers and kit. 

Sea Keeping –  The original Powercats were built for use in the unpredictable water the Isles of Scilly, where Atlantic weather systems, ocean swell and local tide races combine to throw up extraordinary sea states. Their rough water capability is renowned.

Shallow Draft –  The Powercat hull design enables safe operation in shallow waters, where navigation in narrow channels is essential, and in rivers and estuaries. Landing at, and pulling away from, a beach is also easily achieved.

Low Wash –  The hulls of a catamaran produce less wash than a monohull, significantly reducing the hazard to other small boats and sailing vessels, and in rivers and estuaries where erosion and wildlife disturbance are undesirable. 

Manoeuvrability –  Powercats track comfortingly straight at speed, as if they are on rails, due to the twin hulls, with no tendency to broach on a wave. Using the twin engine controls at low speed will easily turn the boat on the spot, without touching the steering wheel, making boat handling in confined spaces (e.g. marinas) quite simple.

Versatility – Powercats’ unique combination of abilities make these craft an excellent choice for commercial and leisure activity boating. Boats across the range are supplied for work and patrol boats, safety and rescue vessels, dive support boats, water taxis, survey vessels, fishing and angling boats.

Adaptability – Boats in the Powercat range are available with a wide choice of consoles, helm stations, seating and lockers, and have been adapted with access doors, bow ramps and other features for disability and special requirements.


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