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Powercat 525 Catamaran

The best power catamaran of its size on the water

The best power catamaran of its size on the water


Just as at home on the open ocean as it is patrolling rivers and inland waterways, the combination of economy, safety, comfort and versatility make Powercat the perfect choice for commercial and leisure activity boating.


Powercat’s twin hull design provides exceptional stability and fuel economy even in extremely testing sea conditions. The fine bows cut into the waves while the unique hull shape gently lifts the boat to give an incredibly soft ride, and with more usable space for people and kit.


Twin engines provide excellent performance and enhanced safety with power in reserve (Powercats can also run comfortably using one engine). Quick-draining decks and built-in buoyancy enable the Powercat 525 to handle the roughest water, taking on conditions only larger conventional boats would tackle.


The Powercat 525 can be beached, left on a mooring (with confidence that it won’t fill up) and is also easily launched, trailered and towed, adding to its versatility. No wonder it’s the first choice for Harbour Authorities and other commercial operators, as this boat does it all.


Quite simply, the Powercat 525 is the best boat of its class for any application.

Powercat 525 is available in three versions with a choice of layouts:


Open boat (1): Low freeboard for easy beach landing, on-the-water recovery and mooring handling


Open boat (2): Higher freeboard for added protection at sea


Cuddy boat: Forward cuddy with walk-around side decks for all-weather shelter, suitable for work and patrol boats, safety and rescue vessels, dive support boats, water taxis, survey vessels, leisure activity craft, fishing and angling boats.


All are available with a range of consoles, seats and lockers, and can be adapted with side access doors, bow ramps and other features for disability and special requirements.











5.25m / 17’6”

2.25m / 7’6”

0.30m / 12”

2 x 60hp motors        30 knots / 34mph

2 x 40hp motors        26 knots / 30mph

2 x 30hp motors        23 knots / 26mph

2 x 25hp motors        21 knots / 24mph

2 x 15hp motors        18 knots / 20mph


0.6 - 1.0 litre per mile (combined total, twin engines)

7.5 - 4.5 mpg

(Speed and fuel consumption figures shown are an average of tests and logged journeys, and are indicative of performance expected in normal operating conditions. Figures may vary depending on the load carried , weather, sea states and many other factors including operator’s ability.)




900 - 110 kg (LCC = boat, engines, ½ fuel, equipment)


7 persons / 830 kg    RCD Category C (Wind F6, ≺ 2m waves)


4 persons / 500 kg    MCA Category 4, 5, 6 (≺20 miles offshore)

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